Property Porter
Coral Springs
  Amera is seeking Porters to help keep our Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs properties clean.

Responsibilities Include:

Maintain Property Cleanliness
~ Pick up trash in the parking lots, the perimeter, and retail areas (mornings and afternoons). This includes straw wrappers, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, cups, napkins, etc.
~ Pick up and dispose of fallen branches (chopping them up if necessary)
~ Take out / change trash several times daily (morning, noon, early evening, late night)
~ Clean and keep clean the dumpster areas (to supplement the weekly pressure washing)
~ Wash windows of vacant units
~ Clean up any spills and blemishes in retail area and parking lots to make sure all surfaces are clean (floors, columns, benches, trash cans, etc). Including bird/ duck droppings.
~ Weed retail area and paved parking areas and curbs
~ Remove cobwebs from the building and trees (can be high up)
~ Rake / blow leaves away from retail areas and away from parking/ driving areas (dispose in trash)
~ Rake fallen leaves from grassy areas and islands and dispose in trash
~ Dig out / rake out all drains throughout the properties, keeping it clear for water to flow.
~ Address any ant trails or colonies in the retail areas and parking lots
~ Hammer down any rebar that is sticking up from parking lot bumpers (these can damage cars)
~ Scrape and remove any gum disposed of incorrectly throughout the property (floors, etc)
~ Remove stickers and graffiti from signage and property.

Cleaning of the Workshop
~ Participate in the weekly rotation of cleaning the operations workshop.

Monitor Inventory & Supplies
~ Communicate with supervisor regarding portering supplies and equipment, and ordering more supplies before we run out (e.g., when there are only a few bottles of a particular product left)

Monitor Property and & Report Issues
~ Monitor property issues and resolve or report issues to supervisors or property managers. Issues may include problems related to broken lighting fixtures, fallen signage, landscaping, sidewalks, broken equipment, etc
~ Identify existing and potential barriers to the successful achievement of goals and completion of portering activities

~ Other duties as assigned

Must have a valid driver license and a car or truck for traveling between properties.


If you’d like to apply for this position, please click here to email your resume to our Human Resources Department.

If you’d like to apply for this position, please click here to email your resume to our Human Resources Department.

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